Our team

Read about Yaron

Yaron Conforti

Chief Executive Officer, Director, Co-Founder

Read about Reid

Reid Robison, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer, Director

Read about Pierre

Pierre Bou-Mansour, P.Eng.

Chief Operating Officer

Read about Paul

Paul Thielking, MD

Chief Scientific Officer

Read about Seneca

Seneca Anderson

SVP, Operations

Read about Prakash

Prakash Gowd, MBA, BSc Pharm, C Dir

SVP, Corporate Development

Read about Nolan

Nolan Ladouceur

VP, Corporate Development

Read about Samantha

Samantha DeLenardo

VP, Communications

Read about Stephen

Stephen Thayer, PhD

Clinical Director, Education and Training

Read about Amy

Amy de la Garza, MD

Medical Director, Salt Lake City Clinic;
Director, Substance Use Disorder Program

Read about Brett

Brett Sharp, MD

Medical Director, Layton Clinic

Read about Greg

Greg Carlson

Director, Clinical Operations

Read about Kellie

Kellie Sollars

Director, Research Sites

Read about Kirsten

Kirsten Hirst

Manager, Branding and Marketing

Read about Quinn

Quinn Hebertson

Graphic Designer, Branding and Marketing

Read about Elly

Elly Bendavid

Manager, Operations

Read about Adam

Adam Erway

Manager, Billing

Read about Shirleyann

Shirleyann Wilding

Manager, Human Resources

Read about Kathy

Kathy Taylor

Clinic Manager

Read about Gabriela

Gabriela Ordenes-Santis

Clinic Manager

Read about Karen

Karen Carter

Clinic Manager

Read about Charla

Charla Allred, MBA

Clinic Manager

Board of directors
Read about Jesse

Jesse Kaplan, CFA

Director, Co-Founder

Read about Sruli

Sruli Weinreb

Director, Co-Founder

Read about Chuck

Chuck Rifici, CPA, MBA


Scientific advisory board
Read about Mirjana

Mirjana Domakonda, MD


Read about Allan

Allan S Kaplan, MSc, MD, FRCP(C)


Read about Craig

Craig Blinderman, MD, MA